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How are you guys doing today? I’m Victor with Absolute Airflow. We’re located in Westminster California.

I’d like to go over with you guys exactly how we do out duct systems that differentiate us from our competition. First things first, most people think of their ductwork as the dirty nasty stuff in the attic where your air runs through every day.

The last 20 years there’s been a lot of technology change. Starting from about 1978 where they stopped using asbestos and started using plastic and using stuff that they weren’t really sure about and what the long term effects were. After that, they started using plastic, and the big thing with that, which is what most home’s have in Southern California, is that when you run your heating system, the ducts expand like a water bottle would in the sun.

So the last couple of years, they’ve kind of changed the technology, and some people still use plastic. We’ve decided to move all our product over to a higher-grade product that’s not going to be unreliable for you and your family.

So the product you’re looking at today is more of a modern product. So this is what is called a Mylar Duct. It has an R6 value, and the R-Rating is the amount of insulation around the airliner, the area where your air travels through. The idea is that the more insulation you have, the more efficient your ductwork is going to be.

So the duct you’re looking at is a Mylar liner, and the best thing about this is that it has a lifetime warranty on it for rips and tears. Over time they found out that if you put ducting in a 120-degree attic, overtime that heat transfer will break it down. So they actually made a material that will not only last a long time, but it’s breathable, so it doesn’t fall apart in your attic.

Underneath that layer is going to be insulation. Originally they used formaldehyde insulation; now they use formaldehyde-free insulation. That is going to prevent any of the possible VOCs from entering your home.
Underneath that is the most important part, this is where your air travels through. So unlike most companies that still use plastic, here at Absolute Airflow, we use a high-grade polyurethane inner liner. So when you heat up that inner liner, it is not going to release gas into your home. It also has metal, which is molded into the polyurethane so the duct will keep its strong, sturdy form for the next 30 to 40 years.

Along with that, what we like to do here at Absolute Airflow is we want to make sure that you have absolute airflow within the entire home. The only way to achieve that is by what we put inside the duct. Inside every duct is a metal lever inside. It’s actually adjustable by hand. My technicians are able to balance your airflow in your house.

So if you say, “hey in Sally’s room, I need a little bit more air, and in my master bedroom, I get too little,” I can actually take a bit of that air from the master bedroom and move it over to Sally’s room. That’s what we offer on every single one of our duct jobs.

So along with that, any one of our ducting jobs, when you have them they’re going to be done exactly how it’s done here. They’re going to be triple sealed from the inside out. So the first layer, we’re going to fold over the duct, and we’re going to put this cement sealing on it.
Right now I can’t pull this apart. So that’s a big thing with our ducts. You want to make sure that it’s going to last you a long time. If someone happens to put an arm on it in the attic, or anything like that happens, it’s not going to fall apart.

Next, we use industrial-grade zip ties on the top, and we seal it again. On the outer layer, we’re also going to put an industrial grade zip tie on the top to make sure you have triple protection, so this lasts you as long as you’re in your home.

This was our little tutorial on how we do our ductwork. I hope you give our company a chance, and I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.