Oddly enough, many homeowners are still unaware that their air ducts need to be professionally cleaned every 3-5 years. Not doing so can result in the excessive buildup of debris, dirt, and allergens. This not only presents a serious health hazard to the entire family, but also can hinder the overall performance and longevity of your heating and cooling system. 

Since your air ducts are most likely hidden from plain view, they are not typically a priority or included in your home’s routine maintenance, but they should be. Investing in professional air duct cleaning services can help improve your HVAC performance overall.  

Air Duct Cleaning Can Improve HVAC Performance 

Your air ducts are the conduits that allow your heating and cooling system to freely blow temperature-controlled air throughout your home. They are a vital part of your HVAC system. If the ducts are dirty due to years of negligence, it slows the flow of air and can result in you paying more in utility costs. Not to mention the damage it does to your HVAC system. 

Another problem that can crop up due to lack of proper maintenance on your air ducts, is gaps can start forming in the air duct joints, which lead to leaks. Some sections may start to slope if debris is allowed to collect over the years. The weight can force the seams apart. That means you are allowing for either hot or cool air to escape, again costing you money and putting a strain on your HVAC system. 

If your air ducts weren’t properly installed, damaged or dirty, you can expect to have the following problems:  




In addition to professional air duct cleaning and routine maintenance, Absolute Airflow offers air quality testing to see what, if any, pollutants or gases are present in your home. Most people are absolutely unaware that they have poor air quality and that it could be impacting their health. 

Once we establish the quality of the air in your home, we can then move forward with a plan. Not every case is the same, so naturally, every solution isn’t the same. Pollutants, dust, and particles can provoke allergic reactions in people and even be the cause of chronic breathing problems over the years. 

Our Absolute Airflow HVAC professionals will come and inspect your existing air ducts, filters, any structural issues, and signs of damage to pinpoint specific concerns. We will then identify the causes of indoor air pollution and recommend strategies for improving the quality of air inside your home. 


Unfortunately, there are those out there that aim to defraud or scam homeowners by offering free air quality tests and then collecting payment for the duct cleaning only never to return. There are other companies that don’t contain the debris and pathogens being cleaned out properly, don’t adequately clean them out or check for leaks, which can be a health hazard as well. 

It is important that you contact a reputable air duct professional to make sure you’re not only cleaning your ductwork but that your entire HVAC system, including the air ducts, is getting a thorough inspection and tune-up. 

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