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Leak Detection & Repair Services

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Absolute Airflow provides all types of plumbing and HVAC service. The leak detection and repair professionals at Absolute Airflow are experienced at providing a range of services to address water leaks and prevent damage to your home or business. Our Orange County technicians are available 24/7 to deal with clogged drains, running toilets, and issues with your sewer line. There’s no issue we can’t fix. When you need immediate repairs, call us before there is permanent damage.

Leak Detection & Repair Services

We can address any issue that may arise. Some of the most serious problems we can deal with include:

A leak in your foundation slab can cause major damage to your home. It can be caused during construction or by pipe corrosion, abrasion, or ground shifting. Cracks in your foundation, walls, or baseboard can mean there’s a leak. Fortunately, we can fix the problem by sealing/rerouting pipes or capping off an affected underground line.

Excess pressure, cracks, and corrosion are common reasons pipes leak, affecting your kitchen, bathroom, or your entire home. Whether due to rusty pipes or high pressure, even the smallest of pipe leaks can waste hundreds of gallons of water. Correcting the problem quickly can save you financially and emotionally.

Hydro-jetting involves blasting high-pressure streams of water through your plumbing system to force clogs to dislodge and pass safely through the system. Our technicians use a specialized machine with a nozzle and hose designed to inject high-pressure water to clear just about any type of buildup. The process is effective at removing tree and vegetation rooting, sediment accumulation, soap and grease deposits, and mineral scaling.

Able to clear most obstructions and sewer line impediments, our hydro-jetting machines are effective when pipe snaking doesn’t get the job done. The procedure restores your pipes to pre-obstructed condition, so water and waste pass through freely. It is non-destructive and well-suited for pipe maintenance.

In addition, we can control the pressure of the water based on what we think is clogging your sewer line. Video camera inspection can be performed first so we get a better idea of the problem before starting.

Innocent household items can wreak havoc on your plumbing when used improperly. Don’t flush paper towels or disposable wipes down the toilet. Grease, as well as oils and fats, may seem fluid, but they harden up a soon as they pass through your drain. Over time, residue coats the inside of pipe until it becomes totally blocked.

Signs You Might Have a Leak

Common Causes of Leaks

Leaks are often caused by wear and tear that occurs naturally over time. The force of water within pipe can erode the material from the inside, eventually causing small holes to form. Clogs are another common reason. Whether caused by a foreign object or accumulated soap, grease, or hair, a blockage can increase pressure in the line and cause a leak.

Broken seals can trigger leaks at pipe and appliance connection points. The freeze/thaw cycle during temperature extremes can cause extreme stress, while tree root intrusion is a common underground concern that ruptures and clogs pipes, leaving water nowhere to go but into surrounding soil.

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