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Victor and John saved me from a full AC do over. I had them out to do a service on my 12 year old system. No more water fountain from the emergency line. Pricing was very fair and I recommend their competitively priced service contract. Thank you Victor and John. 5 stars and I highly recommend.

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Todd A.NameOctober 18, 2018

It is so refreshing to have Victor and his crew taking great care of me and my clients. As a Realtor, it is crucial to be able to refer clients to someone that represents me well when interacting and serving my clients I send there way. They knock it out of the park and are fast, courteous and very fair on what they charge.

five stars

Mike R.January 10, 2019

Super responsive and professional! They were able to work around my schedule to get me an estimate within a couple of days, and get a mini split A/C unit installed for me within a week even though I asked for a couple of unusual features (WiFi access for example). The installers were very professional and the result looks great and functions perfectly. The owner followed up with me to verify that everything was done to my satisfaction. I will be switching to these guys for my hvac annual maintenance going forward!five stars

Robert P.May 23, 2019

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Westminster HVAC Company: Heating and Air Conditioning

Call Absolute Airflow in Westminster, CA. We are Open 24 Hours a Day for Standard and Emergency HVAC Repairs

victor rancour: owner of absolute airflowWestminster Air Duct, Insulation, Furnace, Air Conditioning repair and replacement company offers 24 Hour Emergency services. Absolute Airflow Heating and Air can resolve any issues that may arise within your home.

Absolute Airflow’s HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning) technicians are experts at inspecting and repairing systems that are not cooling or heating properly. They specialize at everything from condensers, coils, air ducts, air filtration to complete AC installations and AC replacements with the best warranties. Need an annual tune-up up? Ask about our service plan. Annual checkups can help prevent many issues from happening to your air conditioning system. Our service plan gives customers one tune-up for their heating and another for their air conditioning. This makes sure that you have what your home needs when you need it. You also get the benefits of VIP scheduling and up to 15% off of HVAC services.

Absolute Airflow Heating and Air Conditioning can help with the ongoing maintenance of all of your important air conditioning and furnace equipment, as well as annual home inspections to help prevent major HVAC emergencies down the road.

Our Westminster HVAC Techs are the best in Southern California. Read Our Reviews!

Honesty and integrity are the hallmarks of the Absolute Airflow Heating and Air Conditioning business philosophy and are the foundation upon which the company was founded.

You can count on our analysis of your home’s heating and cooling problems as well as our recommendations for installation, and maintenance. We provide state-of-the-art equipment, so all jobs are performed professionally and efficiently. To schedule an appointment with some of the best Westminster area furnace and air conditioning repair and installation experts, call (833) 482-2626.

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Energy costs continue to surge as fluctuations in seasonal temperatures get more extreme. Being able to adapt to inconsistent weather conditions is an unavoidable fact of life no matter where you live. As a result, drastic shifts in the climate can greatly impact how your air conditioner operates. 

7 Tips for Improving the Efficiency Your A/C Unit 

With summer steadfastly approaching it is essential that you properly maintain your air conditioning unit so that it can work efficiently, even under the strain of higher summer temperatures. Here is a quick DIY guide for keeping your A/C unit running efficiently, while also saving you money on your utility bill. 

TIP #1 – It is important to periodically check your home’s exterior air conditioning unit to make sure that the housing is free of debris. It isn’t uncommon for things like tree branches, twigs and leaves to accumulate over the vents of your HVAC unit. First, turn off the unit. Then remove any debris covering the intake vents and trim back any shrubbery or overgrowth within several feet of the air conditioning unit. When there are obstructions, it prevents your a/c unit from working efficiently. This is a very simple task, but can make all the difference in the long run.   

TIP #2 – Checking your air filters should be a routine exercise for homeowners and is recommended on a monthly basis. If you go too long without properly cleaning the air filter on your air conditioning unit, it can significantly slow down the air circulation in your home. This puts unneeded strain on your HVAC unit and can lead to more frequent service calls. Depending on what kind of air filter you have on your a/c unit, you’ll want to replace it from time to time to ensure that the air in your home is being properly filtered. Refer to the brand of air filter you currently have to see how frequently the manufacturer suggests you replace it. 

TIP #3 Shade is a lifesaver for a/c units. Under the sweltering summer sun, air conditioning units are really put to the test and can expend more energy keeping all of the components cool in hotter temperatures. Why make your unit work harder than it has to? Installing your air conditioning unit in a shaded area will offer some relief as well as installing a cover over the condenser unit will increase efficiency and may save you a few dollars on your electricity bill. 

TIP #4 Turn the thermostat up when you’re not at home or at times when your house isn’t active, like nighttime. Whether you have a preset thermostat or have to adjust it yourself, you can save up to 9% for every degree you raise the thermostat during hotter times of the year. This will not only save you money on your utility bill but will elongate the life of your a/c unit. 

TIP #5 Ceiling fans can be very useful in cutting down on energy costs. Ceiling fans can help to properly circulate cool air throughout the house. This is a very low-cost way to cool your home in conjunction with modestly running your air conditioning unit. 

TIP #6 – Ventilating your attic may be as simple as installing an exhaust fan to help blow the hot attic air out to regulate the temperature in the attic. Your attic can become an oven during the summertime. This can drastically raise the temperature in your home and force you to run the air conditioning 24 hours a day just to keep it comfortable indoors. Having a properly ventilated attic can lower the interior temperature of your home by as much as 10%. 

TIP #7 Check for drafts or air leaks in your home. Leaving air leaks unrepaired can be a major waste of energy if your home isn’t properly sealed off. Air escaping under doors, through gaps in the windows or through the attic is all very common, especially in older homes. Nearly 35% of all cool air escapes from air leaks in the home. If there is an ever-increasing hike in your utility bill during the times when you’re running your A/C, it may be time to find out where exactly the cool air is going. Any professional HVAC company would immediately be able to assess how much cool air is escaping and then remedy the problem.

Absolute Airflow provides superior AC Replacement and Installation to customers throughout Southern California. We also specialize in a/c repair, service and maintenance. Call us today to find out about our attic insulation services: 888.306.6181

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